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Bob: Apologies for commenting OT on your blog post but I wanted to communicate with you and didn't want to do it on Balloon Juice. I totally agree with your comments on Mistermix's post. I believe this Sno-wald BS is part of an intelligence op to discredit or bring down Obama and the intelligence faction he's aligned with. What frustrates me is that so many "on the left" do not grasp who runs this country or who we (the people) have allowed to run this country. I think that's what I get so frustrated at the wholesale kool aid gulping from "the left". I've crossed alot of blogs off my list because they've been so shallow in their coverage. BJ is one I'm crossing off the list. Sorry to leave a rant, but I just wanted to reach out to you. Do you also comment on LGM? I went to college in Portland and really want to visit again. OK. That is all! Thank you.

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