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I thought this evil deed was done by a nut case. Don't recall anything about this gun driving down to the school and operating itself.

Bob In Portland

I don't recall anyone said that the gun drove to the school and operated itself. What is your point?

Yes, guns don't kill people, people kill people. Guns facilitate the killing. Automatic weapons facilitate the killing. Do you support automatic weapons for anyone who wants one? If you are opposed to "nut cases" having guns, then we agree. How do you plan on keeping automatic weapons away from nut cases? Or depressed, angry cases?


I wish somebody had the answer to that. But since there are more guns than people in the US, good luck with that. People who do heinous things like this will do it anyway. Not allowed a gun? Steal it. "Gun free" signs out front of the building? Ignore them. Chicago has the strictest gun laws out there, yet they kill each other on an endless basis. The bad/crazy/evil guys find a way. Laws are followed by law-abiding people; to the insane or the criminal, laws don't matter.

And no, I don't support automatic (or semi-automatic) weapons) for "anyone who wants one". That's why there are background check laws. But they only work up to the point that the law-abiding follow them. They can pass laws to disallow gun ownership to people who have a record of taking antidepressants or psychotropics of any type, but what of the as yet undiagnosed about to snap? I just don't see a logical answer to the problem here.

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