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Rugby originated in England, the former Ming Lage than football, referred by cheap jerseys for sale. Because the ball shape olives, known in China as "football." Rugby This is a city in central England, Rugby School City is the birthplace of rugby. This school there stands a monument, monument inscribed "monument commemorate W · W · Ellis' bold action." It is said that in 1823 the students Ellis in a football Nike NFL Jerseys, because playing mistakes, so he hold the ball and ran, attracted other players to follow suit, although it is foul play, but it gives a new revelation. Over time, actually gradually accepted by people. Thus a comprehensive development of beneficial for the body, with high fitness value of the new sports --- football, derived from football out.
In 1839, the football gradually unfolded at Cambridge University and other schools, and have set up a football club, inter-school competitions are also active. 1871 English Football Association was established former Youth Jerseys Sale, and this movement soon spread to Europe countries and the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. 1886 established the International Rugby Federation. 1906 was held in France rugby international competition.
Rugby spread to other countries in the United Kingdom after evolving, many countries have created their own forms of rugby. Such as the U.S., Canada, Australia and other countries, rugby venue, equipment, rules, clothing and even play the number and size of the ball game methods are varied, but can be roughly divided into Rugby (also known as soft football) and American football (also known as hard football) two categories. Their different styles and play to win a very interesting Custom NFL Jerseys Sale, rugby is called: "Gentlemen play barbaric sport," while American football is called: "barbarian barbaric sport to play."
Soccer Jersey players do not wear protective gear, basically footballer clothing, so called soft football. Rugby wider popularity, there are about more than 80 countries and laptop accessories to carry out this project.
American football (AmericanFootball) Athletes must wear the prescribed clothing and protective gear, also called hard football. Rugby football is slightly smaller than the easy pass.

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