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Kathleen Miller

I dunno, Bob, I kinda like the hoodie. Cant sed the spots in ghe photo Better than the hat, for sure. My Mr.Miller has the opposite problem. He has a bunch of fleeces and sweatshirts, but always manages to pass them up when he's looking for something to wear for a walk. He comes downstairs in one of his good going out to dinner sweaters, the ones that have to be dry cleaned. Then he gets it all sweaty and sits around in it all day, and then usually wears it again the next few days thinking it is one of his favorites! The problem is distinguishing between the good stuff and the hanging around the house stuff and then knowing which is appropriate. Many men just don't get it. My Mr. Miller seems to have also lost his skinny ass, but does have some nice jeans from Jos. A. Banks, purchased on a bogo last year.
I enjoy your writing, the nice guy really comes through!

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